Our Vision, Values and Mission


Our vision is to see KwaNgcolosi transformed socially, spiritually, and economically into a thriving and sustainable community.

We recognise that people need different kinds of help to achieve this:

“We need to give unconditional help to the helpless, to empower those who can help themselves, to teach responsibility, to help receivers to give, and most of all to give in such a way that we help others feel good about themselves.”  Lydia Meshoe (Joy Magazine, 2006)

A Zulu pot can only stand on 3 legs to be balanced.  To achieve our vision of social, spiritual and economic transformation, we believe that the three principles of 'work, pray, give' can turn the tide and engender a thriving and sustainable community.

Hence, Sethani means:

Sebenza (Work)
Thandaza (Pray)
Nikela (Give)


SETHANI as a word means a call to 'organise, plan and be ready'.

The following principles and guidelines are at work in Sethani:

  • To develop a culture where people work, pray and give

  • To empower, not to create dependency

  • To foster dignity and self determination

  • To have respect and understanding of the local ubuntu culture

  • To support children with a family context

  • To live the belief that everybody has potential and can do something

  • To seek to extend cross-cultural understanding and to enable resources to be positively channelled to preserve dignity and not build dependency.

  • To encourage reciprocity and relationship building 

  • To use God’s word as the measure


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